A whole curriculum is created with activities, based on the theory of multiple intelligences (Howard Gardener) in a way that develops different fields of intelligences for each student. Art is integrated in all academic disciplines for children to enhance and enrich learning. For foundational level, there is amalgamation of Montessori and Waldorf approach.

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) provides a robust and holistic education for students, which aligns with the objectives of the National Curriculum Framework of India. From grade 1 to 5 we follow the same pattern and have activity based fun learning that resonates with the National Education Policy (NEP-2020)

Environment & Sustainability

Our students learn to appreciate the natural world in their urban environment and to feel confident in navigating their surroundings. We instill a social conscience by recycling, composting, energy efficiency, and using organic produce from our own garden in the cafeteria.

Environment & Sustainability

Developing emotional intelligence in children is critical to their success in life. Emotional intelligence can be exercised, just like intellectual intelligence, through meaningful children’s activities and experiences. Our curriculum is so designed for the early years that children gain social emotional skills and confidence in the pre- primary level that helps later in the academic learning too.

Art & craft

We integrate art in all subjects at all levels, as art teaches kids to observe, self-evaluate, express themselves, have an opinion, value aesthetics, reflect on their work and innovate.

Music & Dance

Exposure to music accelerates the brain development of young children, including language, sound, reading and speech perception. At TWS we stress upon music and dance in curricula for developing positive emotions, creativity and aesthetic expression in individuals and team work in students. It also helps boosting the development and improvement of motor skills.

Art & craft

Our approach makes for eager readers who embrace reading for a lifetime. Our library is the crown jewel of our school, an impressive collection of thousands of books to read from.


Storytelling is an integral part of our school .Our students hear stories daily in the classroom and have opportunity to tell their own through their annual class shows.

Language Arts

From cursive handwriting to creative writing, TWS students master writing from simple grammar to essays, short stories and beyond.