Mrs. Meenakshi S. Anand

  • M.Phil. Eng. B.Ed. (More than 30 Yrs. experience in the field of education)
  • Recipient of Best Teacher state Award (2006)
  • Best Woman of the Year Award (2012) Dainik Bhaskar
  • Associated with Rotary International, Innerwheel and Ashiana Charitable Trust

Principal Message

Education is an unending life process and TWS strives to be a gateway to this process. The aim of our school is to enable the students to soar high morally, socially and spiritually. In this era of change ,its fluidity of a given curriculum that keeps us ahead and better equipped to create healthy self-identities with divergent thinking. We are a school that speaks the language of the children, families and the community we serve.

Our vision is to develop students that can empathize, critique, inspire and understand the given situations and are able to act upon that in a suitable manner. Beyond results , TWS is about developing our students as whole- persons. Character development and leadership are just as important to us as academic results.

In these testing times, pandemic shook the entire worlds set pattern of doing things. We changed with the changing times and smoothly shifted to the Online teaching and virtual meetings but one thing remains the same is our educational philosophy centered on praise , encouragement, enthusiasm and affection towards our students.